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About Us

Manufacturer of Standard and Rapid Service Sulphur burner.

Accurate quotes with on-time delivery International and domestic.

Family owned business since 2002.

Gordon’s Precision Services, LLC, has been manufacturing sulfur atomizers, stainless steel nozzles with a  precise dimensional tip, and related accessories for 26 years.   We have extensive experience in both Rapid Service and Standard models, and can help with your design if necessary. Our company ships to locations all over the world, and we have satisfied   clients on every continent. We offer free, accurate quotes (which reflect current materials costs), and competitive prices, with unmatched quality. On time delivery is a hallmark of our service, with careful packaging to avoid damages in shipping, which can result in costly delays. 


Our expertise in the fabrication and  manufacture of sulfur burners has earned us a worldwide reputation as the preeminent supplier of such products, and our atomizers are used extensively in the sulfur and oil industries.

You can rely on Gordon’s Precision Services to complete your project on time and on budget, with quality  products that set the standard others wish they could achieve.      

For more information, please contact:

Gordon/Owner – 863-412-9102 

Lori/Sales – 863-401-5247 

Email: lmontgomery2226@earthlink.net